Yin Feng Shui

Unveil the Secrets of Yin House (Ancestral Graveyard) Feng Shui


"Yin" Feng Shui or, "Yin House" Feng Shui is specifically for the ancestral graveyards. Only an authentic Feng Shui master whom has acquired the highest Feng Shui skill and on site experiences is able to perform this kind of complex Feng Shui implementation. Simply because it involves many complicated and important procedures and rituals during the Yin Feng Shui consultation.

In-depth knowledge in this special metaphysical field is required in order to get the right results. A good and mastery Feng Shui Master must acquired deep and authentic knowledge in the Yin Feng Shui (BOTH in theory & practical) before he is "licensed" to perform such highest level of Feng Shui arrangement.

Below are some of the important elements that the Feng Shui Master must know in the practice of Yin House Feng Shui procedures:

1) The selection of land (點地) for the graveyard - i.e. external landscape, flow of water and Qi. Most importantly it cannot clash with the dead and the family members.
2) Ground breaking(破土), during selected auspicious date & time
3) "Gold-Division Line" measurement (定分金), during selected auspicious date & time
4) Placement of coffin or casket (入土), during selected auspicious date & time. Tthere are a number of important rituals and procedures involved.
5) Standing of tombstone (立碑), during selected auspicious date & time. This is actually the most important step that provides almost 50% for the good or bad effects in the Yin House Feng Shui! The good Feng Shui Master must be able to decide on way and bearings that are able to capture the best &  most balanced Auspicious Forces (Qi) for the dead as well as for the direct family members. There are in fact lots of mathematical calculations involved this procedure! The highest skill is to use the Yi-Jing theories for this important and complicated procedure. 
6) Another highly important procedure in the Yin House Feng Shui is to determine the location of the Water Mouth (水口). The drainage system and the location of the water outlet hole that are bulit in front of the tombstone provide additional positive influence to the tomb. It is NOT "simply drainage systems" and it is NOT designed just "to keep water away from the grave area". Nowadays, only a handful of Feng Shui masters are truly familiar with the manipulation of this secret water outlet Feng Shui arrangement in the special field of Yin Feng Shui.

The afore-mentioned higher knowledge in Yin House Feng Shui is rarely imparted by most old Masters, except to their hand-picked students. In additional to natural talent, more importantly, the old Masters consider righteousness, morality, and ethics of the student, through their long-term observation, before passing on this knowledge.

Fallacies of Yin House Feng Shui

There have been lots of incorrect information or fallicies, distributed by various "masters", "authors" or "experts" in the market place. For instance, some said that Yin House Feng Shui does not, or only influence very little on the FEMALE offsprings. This is in fact a very wrongful claim. In the actual fact, ancestral graveyards do influence all the offsprings positively or negatively, irregardless the gender.

Some family members only allow male offsprings to pay respect at the ancetral graveyards, for instance during the Qing Ming festival. These people believe that if the female offsprings pay respect to their late ancestors, all or part of their good fortunes will be taken away by the female siblings. In fact this belief is very incorrect and misleading. Paying respect to the late ancestors at their graveyards will not reduce anyone's fortune. We encourage all family members, irregardless their gender to pay respect to their late ancestors.



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