Dear Kenny,
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…
The road ahead of us may not be straight, may not be smooth and may not flat. Roads ahead can be curvy, rough, and highly gradient or never ending…I guess that’s what we call journey...
My husband and I are just lucky to have met you. You had helped us understand ourselves so much better and we are able to plan our future in optimizing the window of opportunities in every decision we make.
The bird’s eye view of our life together that you have guided us provided us with many great opportunities in life. Changes in our lives are better managed and greater understanding had enhanced our relationship.
No words can express the gratitude we feel…a simple Thank You is way too modest.
Keep up the spirit of guiding and creating life path awareness to many more souls….

Thank you.
KC & Shirley

P/S: Kenny, too many great words to express your predictive model/technique...Here is what i've drafted in many simple words to add on to your testimonial...

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