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Yang Feng Shui

December 19, 2017 13474

"Yang" Feng Shui is specifically for the home, the office, factories, and any property or premises occupied by any of us.

From reading books or attending seminars, you may have learned about the Eight Houses or Flying Star or any other schools of Feng Shui. However, such sources usually provide only elementary knowledge, which could be insufficient to achieve good Feng Shui arrangements. Worse still, it may create negative or worse-than-before effects!

Most "do-it-yourself" (DIY) Feng Shui enthusiasts may not have enough in-depth knowledge about Feng Shui, having gained such knowledge from books or seminars. What you have already learned could be something on the surface level only, whereas there are in fact many, many other details and important considerations in order to create a good Feng Shui arrangement for yourself.

This is an example in which a house owner in Subang Jaya built a pond on the left corner (doesn't this sound familiar as mentioned in some books of the shelf? Water on the left "Green Dragon" side of the house?). However, the family's luck did not improve, but instead, negative effects arose, and their luck took a turn for the worse ...

Detailed Feng Shui checks by Geomancy Master revealed that the location of the pond was incorrect, and there was even a water inlet allowing poisonous "Qi" into the house! They were advised to cover up the pond as soon as possible.

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