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The Truly Loving Company

December 19, 2017 3062

The Truly Lovig Company (TLC)

TLC is founded by Ms Julia Chong, an awards-winning Director/Chief Executive Officer.
TLC produces personal and household products that are as good if not better than many of the major brands you can name. These include:

  • bath & body
  • kitchen cleaners
  • floor cleaners viagra köpa
  • bathroom cleaners

TLC don't test on animals nor do we compromise on product standards.
What also sets TLC apart is that 100% of TLC's dividends are given to charity. While there are many socially responsible Malaysian companies that support charities by donating a certain percentage of their income or profits to charitable causes, TLC gives 100% of its dividends to charity. Beside enhancing its company Feng Shui, Kenny Hoo has also suggested the TLC logo to be further enhanced:

New Logo (Good Feng Shui!):
TLC New Good Feng Shui logo