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2018-06-27 @ Taiwan:《2018 The 1st Chinese Welfare Festival》《2018 华人公益節》Share with you the positive Qi here in Taiwan, Republic of China! Good Feng Shui Group and Master Kenny Hoo have the great honour to receive the great award presented by the ex-President of Taiwan, ROC Mr. Ma Ying Jiu 马英九前总统。[][]#goodfengshui2018#TaiwanAwardAgainForGoodFengShuiAfter13Years
We ought to remember that Feng Shui is also a critical aspect when it comes to properties! Catch ?? Master Kenny Hoo giving a Feng Shui Talk: ? Good Feng Shui® - Transformation of New World Order ? on ? 24/06 (Sun), ⏰ 4pm @ SWHENGTEE PROPERTY EXPO 2018, ? Mid Valley Exhibition Centre! For more attractive programs, please click ??
清明節是優良華人傳統文化習俗的傳承,也是農曆轉換新月份的良辰時節,象征“清明”初始,一家團聚,心誠祭拜最重要。(檔案照) 獨家報導:丘惠萍 (吉隆坡5日訊)古語有云:女兒是潑出去的水,因此,一些傳統華人家庭因此迷信:“外嫁女回娘家祭祖恐搶風水”,唯從事風水及卜卦問事人士堅稱,這純粹是迷信。 受訪者強調,清明節宣揚是家族后裔對往生父母、親人或長輩的孝義傳承的精神,沒有太多禁忌或忌諱,繁文縟節,清明節象征中華文化優良傳統的延續意義,后人用心奉行和傳承即可,不需太執著或迷信。 好風水堪輿研究學家許鴻方說,很多人對“風水”存有太多迷思,將風水看成是“零和遊戲”,信以為真風水被人搶了,自己就沒有了;但嚴格來說,清明掃墓扯不上風水關係,更沒什么所謂搶風水的說法。 Link:許鴻方:扯不上風水-禁出嫁女祭祖純粹迷信/

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