2016 好风水预测 2016 Good Feng Shui Predictions

The Year of the Fire Monkey, began from the 4th of February, 2016 at 5:46pm. This auspicious new year carries the Fire element, Bing “丙”, in its Heavenly Stem and the Metal element, Shen “申”, in its Earthly Branch. In this particular year, the most auspicious sectors are the East and West sectors.

The South sector is an inauspicious sector due to the arrival of the Three Killings Qi. Hence the South sector within the house or office premise must not be renovated, nor disturbed by any ground-breaking, hacking or similar activities as this is likely to lead to clashing or negative consequences.

The 坤 Kun-Gua, being the Number 2-Black Star, will arrive in the centre sector in the Annual Flying Stars chart for Year 2016. Kun-Gua is associated with the Earth and the Number 2-Black Star is linked with the sickness and diseases. Therefore Good Feng Shui foresees that in this particular year, incidents of contagious diseases especially on the respiratory and digestive systems, skin, edema in the body. Ferocious heavy downpours, storms, hurricanes will occur more frequently, especially in the Southwest and Northeast regions and countries, result in sickness or outbreak of contagious diseases especially amongst the elderly females, hurricanes, winds, floods, earthquakes and landslides. Precautionary steps must be taken for one’s home and also before traveling.

The Number 2-Black Star is of the Earth element, and thereby trapped in the centre together with the Number 5-Yellow Earth Star found in the centre sector of the Flying Stars chart for the 8th Feng Shui Period. Moreover, the combination of annual Bazi elements, being excessive with excessively strong Yang Fire element, cause the Earth element in centre to become over scorched, thus this situation brings about challenges to the land and property sectors in 2016.

Despite the general, incorrect hearsay about 2016 is a “blind or widow” year, Good Feng Shui foresees that there will be lots of couples lining up for marriages, moving into new houses, having babies and other great celebratory events in the eastern areas of the country, especially the zodiacs of Ox, Goat, Snake, Boar & Rooster. This likely translates to good business for bridal shops, restaurants, hospitals, obstetricians, gynaecologists, paediatricians, and businesses or sectors related to renovation and painting. Thus one can leverage the opportunities arising in order to benefit throughout the whole year.

Due to the existence of stronger Metal element as the annual Wealth star, and plus the strongest auspicious Qi occupies the West sector, thus Metal element is the KEY element that will be able to break the trapped- or gelled-situation in the Earth element occupies the centre. Therefore Metal element is single-most important and influential element in year 2016. Thus the Metal-related GOLD colour is the Good Feng Shui Lucky Colour in the year of 2016. One can use more Gold coloured items such as in the clothing, accessories and interior designs to boost up the positive Qi for all undertakings.

The earlier-mentioned about the trapped-scenario of the Annual Number-2-Black Star and the Number-5-Yellow Star found in the center sector of the 8th Feng Shui Period’s Flying Stars chart is expected to bring about various challenges such as in the Earth-related sectors. The Number 2-Black star causes sicknesses, particularly amongst the young females and elderly women will be more vulnerable to such sicknesses. Due to the Number 5-Yellow star occupies the Northeast sector, the youngest son in the family too should be more careful in their kidney, urinary, lung, skin and respiratory systems. Thus within their families, they will require more attention and extra care.

2016 Yearly BaZi Chart Analysis

Good Feng Shui’s analysis on the 2016 yearly BaZi and the "Jie" Gua (解卦) shows that the strong and prominent Wealth and Nobleman Stars are present for the year. However, there are also indications of disasters, bloodshed, fights, lawsuits, troublemakers, turmoils, and mixed fortunes for instance in the Northeast, Middle East and Northern regions such as Korea, Taiwan, North America. It will be especially unfavourable for Fire- and Earth-related industries, for example, oil & gas, power generation, telecommunications, electrical, electronics, land and property, real estate, construction, mining fields. However, with additional efforts and better management skills, we shall also be able to benefit from the year too, especially to turn the challenges into opportunities.

In fact there will be various golden opportunities and good money can be achieved in the year of Monkey, should we are able to locate the “Key” for greater success. Hence, in order to really make profits in the Fire Monkey Year of 2016, one must choose wisely in working closely with high-quality partners with good acumen, or find the Nobleman in one’s birth sign for support. With assistance and support from powers of others, one may take one’s fortunes to a higher level!

2016 Good Feng Shui Keywords of the Year

The 2016 Good Feng Shui Keywords of the Year is "解 Unknot, Release or Relief " and it is termed as "The Clearing Year”. Good Feng Shui foresees that there will be lots of people trying with their strongest efforts to EXPLAIN "解释", why in the past something were done in such, in order to SOLVE "解决" the long-dragging problems or challenges.

Thus they will be people to be RELEASED "解除" from such logn term troubles and and people may be more RELIEF "解脱". In such situation, everything can begin to move on smoothly.

However, in this CLEARING year, those could not adapt to the market changes, can be DISSOLVED "解散" or phased out from the market place. Thus thre will be more company buyouts and mergers in this year. And due to the number of sellers are much more than the buyers, there will be lots of Stock CLEARANCE in this year.

In this kind of market situation only those people and companies with solid capabilities, good fundamental and good Feng Shui will stay strong in the market uncertainties.

The first half of the year, i.e. until August 2016, signifies clashes and wealth losses, especially with regards to natural disastrous, flood, landslides, earthquakes, strong wave. The Fire- and Earth-relate industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, properties, real estates, and especially high-rise units shall undergo price adjustments, rebates and experiencing more difficulties in selling. However, this period of time may still tend to benefit those with previous intentions of purchasing real estate, but had not been able to do so due to being unable to keep up with rising property prices. At this time, a lot of real estate properties and the further emergence units could provide ample selection for potential purchasers.

Nonetheless, for landed properties and shop-lots found in locations with good Feng Shui conditions and outstanding designs, there remains room for increases or at least in maintaining its value, although any such increase would only be gradual in nature.

With banks imposing stricter lending guidelines for property loans, this may still prove to be deterrence and properties may still be difficult to sell off, and the general sentiment could be that of continued unease. However, Metal-related industries such as banking and finance shall introduce more positive measures to the market place in order to lead in the revival of the market in various fields.

In the middle and end of the year, marriages, childbirths and other celebratory events will be seen everywhere. But the Wealth Loss Star is also present during this time of the year, for instance in the months of February, May, August and September and its appearance serves as a reminder to guard against any careless or excessive spending or any other possible losses planning, preparations or during the actual events such as wedding receptions, relocations, housing or corporate renovations or any other endeavours in which finances are involved. The same strategy shall be always followed in one’s investment activities too.

The Center and Northeast sectors of homes and offices play host to the 2016’s annual unfavourable Stars. Due to this, any furnishings or decorations in red, yellow or brown are to be avoided. On the contrary, painting with gold, blue, green or white colours in these two sectors can help mitigate the evil influences of the unfavourable stars.

The arrival of the Number-3-Green Star, which is a Argument, into the all-important Northwest palace of the Flying Stars Chart of Year 2016 signifies that the year is a year that will be filled with lots of arguments, criminals and lawsuit cases especially amongst the heads of the family, company or country. In this year, painting or decorating the home or office’s Northwest sector with the Gold colour, can help reducing the negative situation.

2016 to face more serious Health-related issues

Due to the overwhelming influence of the Number 2-Black Star and excessive strong Fire element of the year, most people will pay more attention to health and wellness. The year’s weather will affect the lung, respiratory, digestive, heart, blood circulation and kidneys systems and related diseases. Those with worries of such latent diseases should pay more attention to taking good care of their health and daily diets.

In the months of February, May, August and November 2016 as well as January of 2017, there will tend to be market uncertainties, challenges, infectious diseases or epidemic plague lurking around, thus adults and children would do well to pay extra attention with regards to personal cleanliness and health, travel plans, choice of diets. Family health and fortune can be improved this year by painting the East sector of the home with some Green colour, in combination with Red or Purple as the dominant colour.

In 2016’s Year of the Fire Monkey, agricultural crops are likely to see a bumper harvest. Certain regions may experience unstable climates such as floods, storms, snowy or droughts that will affect the harvest, thus the prices of commodities is expected to increase.

The months of February, May, August and November 2016 and January 2017 may see incidents of leaders or famous icons falling suddenly from grace and there could be power paradigm shifts in families, companies and countries. The regions in the Northeast and Centre should be on high alert against outbreaks of diseases, as the Sickness Star arrives in this region. The Northern region could be prone to riots and turmoils, while the Northwest regions are likely to see disputes and legal embattlements. As such, before investing in the stock market or real estate properties, one must take all these into consideration when performing market analysis and decision-making. Planning ahead and market research are essential in order to order to avoid the loss of money.

The first half of 2016, from early February, will see the stock market and real estate market becoming softer and with lots of uncertainties, but as long as market research homework is properly done, and wise choices are made to invest in visionary, reputable companies, or real estate properties having good location and Feng Shui, the opportunities remain promising. Even in situations where the trend is soft, the ability to grasp opportunities to discover reasonably-priced, high-quality real estate properties will result in worthwhile returns when the economy recovers and the markets rally in the third quarter.

For those purchasing or investing in real estate during the first half or till the 3rd Quarter of the year, there will be relatively better choices and more options such as with better Feng Shui conditions, in additional to the price being more affordable. However, regardless of whether it is the housing market or the stock market, investors must still proceed cautiously every step of the way, applying one’s own wisdom to avert crisis, looking for quality housing developers and development areas, in order to uncover more opportunities, and hitting the target accurately. Regardless of how tumultuous the market could be, the ever-growing population and the limited availability of land, landed properties remain the best choice for long-term investment.

The unfavourable Number 5-Yellow Star for the year 2016 descends upon the Northwest’s 艮 Gen palace. As such, any renovations or ground-breaking should be avoided in this sector, for it would invite disaster. If the main door, or any other door, is located in this sector, then it is also important to rectify the situation. Should the Feng Shui layout be poorly-designed, the negative influences of the unfavourable star will run rampant and this could mean imminent calamity for the occupants of the house.

Within this year, one should avoid excessive decorations or paint having the Red or Yellow colours in the Northeast or Centre sectors of the home or office. Instead, the recommendation for these sectors is to have it painted Blue or Gold order to ward off unwanted effects from the negative Stars. Avoid placing any aquariums or moving water features in these areas, in order to avoid triggering negative energies within these sectors.

At present, we are still in the Eighth Feng Shui Cycle and transitting to the Ninth Cycle. The primary Annual Star for 2016, the Number 2-Black Star is always related to bad fortunes, and also symbolizes sickness and negativity in the land related industries when it is trapped in the center.

The pace of China’s economic recovery will also continue to precede the ups and downs of the global economy. Of late, we have been witnessing the impact of China on the world economy, and this trend will continue in 2016, leading the world economy towards positive development. In 2016 the economy in China will be unstable and to face lots of pressure. However, from the Good Feng Shui viewpoint, in this period of time, China enters the reformation stage and thus is just a transitional period before she soar higher in 2017 to 2019. Thus the business and economy potential in China remain strong and with lots of good prospects.

European, US and Japan economies will be more stable in 2016. However the subsequent higher bank interest rate shall be implemented by FED of US, led by Janet Yellen, FED Chairwoman, with stronger Lifepath and positive luck in this year, shall cause some level of pressures in the world market especially in the months of May, August and November.

Middle East countries, China, Korea, Malaysia & Indonesia's economies will face grim challenges. Stimulating domestic demands will be the primary task of these countries.

As for the economic situation in Europe and the United States in 2016, although there are signs of taking a turn for the better, there still remains much work to be done for further improvement. National security issue remains the major threat, mainly created by the extremists, in these countries. Political disputes, undermined public security and terrorism continues to bring pressure and hinder economic recovery for the United States, Euro and nations worldwide.

Good Feng Shui foresees that in 2016 Fire Monkey year:

In the first half of the year till the early September, land and property prices, and their rental rates shall continue to turn softer. Some areas will face stagnancy in the property transactions, especially amongst high-rise condominiums and office blocks. The excess in the supply will lead to the situation of sellers outnumbering buyers. Only upon entering the third quarter onward, would the market gradually be more stable. Therefore, those who are keen on acquiring or investing in new property, will have more and better choices in terms of prices and quality.

The prices of petroleum-related products are likely to be unstable and maintain year-long low, more retrenchment cases to be seen in the Oil and Gas companies. The slightly more positive months for the Fire-related products are March, April, & June.

Various currencies exchange rates to be volatile, higher inflation rates leading to the increase in prices of goods burden the general public. The prices of goods will be more stable from mid-September 2016.

Bank interest rates continue to be on the low side even though it will gradually increase, and this usually serves as a catalyst for the stock market. For property investors who are have already committed on investments, this would be welcome news to be able to avoid higher costs during times of economic recession. However, stricter lending conditions imposed by banks could also lead to borrowers turning to illegal lenders.

Extreme weather conditions will be encountered, with exceptionally high rainfall recorded around the world with rainfalls leading to flood, and unusual imbalance in temperatures especially before early September 2016.

Landslides, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and infectious diseases are amongst the potential disasters that could await countries and regions in the North, Northeast and Soutwest, such as Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Northern America and other regions, especially in the months of February, May, August & November, 2016.

From Good Feng Shui’s viewpoint, the Early Heaven wealth luck brought forth by the Year 2016 will just be fairly general and unexceptional. Therefore, in this year, one should identify beneficial and noble working partners to face and conquer any challenges together, and move forward to explore new opportunities ahead.

Those involved in Wood- and Metal-related industries, such as timber, furniture, plantation, palm oil, rubber, glove, education, tyre, banking & finance, insurance, legal, singers, speakers, machinery, automotive, etc. will have greater business opportunities, thus more aggressive and active business plans and operations will lead to greater harvests in this particular year.

Water-related industries, such as the logistics, traveling, fishery, hotel, drinks, etc., will experience various transformation stages in the industries thus introduces more innovative products and services to the market place. There will be more positive policy and strategies to be implemented to these industries to boost the businesses.

However, Water-related industries will face influences from various external uncertainties and pressure. However, by working together hand-in-hand with the noble working-partners in investment, business creation or maintenance, will eventually attain greater success.

Be it we like it or not, businesses related to the Earth-related industries, such as land, property, construction, mining, etc. would have to be more patient, to step up efforts, re-plan or re-structure investment portfolio in order to generate greater success and attain new horizons. The market situation and buyers’ mindset are different nowadays, be more demanding and more concern about if the good Feng Shui elements are implemented by default in the property designs.

The most influential, Good Feng Shui Lucky Colour in the year of 2016 is the GOLD colour. Especially the colour Gold can give a tremendous boost to the positive Qi of the in the Northwest, West and Southwest sectors of the house or office. Painting a feature wall in the Southwest, West and Northwest sectors of the house or company with mainly Monarch Gold colour, can bring forth plenty of positive energies and greater fortunes to promote good health, wealth, harmony and prosperity in year 2016.

Having a feature wall painted in the Southeast sector of the house or office premises with Blue colour, can also bring forth lots of positive energy and greater fortune that promotes good wealth and prosperity in year 2016. As for the centre area, painting a light Gold colour, such as Champagne Gold coloured feature wall in this sector can help to enhance the health conditions of the family members.

Last but not least, Kenny Hoo and Good Feng Shui wish everyone to have GOOD FENG SHUI, GOOD HEALTH, GREAT BUSINESS and PROPESRITY in the 2016 GOOD MONEY Year ahead!














丁 丙 庚 丙

酉 辰 寅 申









在新年降临前,在家中或公司做一些准备功夫,必可将招徕吉气,全年如意吉祥。尤其是在 2015年里,每20年一运之风水8运(主2004-2023年)已经进入第二个10年的部分,其吉气逐年转弱,这也导致家居过去的摆设或设计在当下其风水气息已经开始逐渐“老化”了。



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