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KUALA LUMPUR – In the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Golden Bull and local feng shui expert Kenny Hoo has predicted the emergence of an “abundance of good and new opportunities” for the business community.

Hoo said this year could be a “turning point” for companies and individuals wishing to improve their services, products and quality of life.

“The keyword for this year is ‘turnaround’. A lot of businesses and social activities will gradually awaken and people will be seen kick-starting their ‘engines’ and putting their focus on their businesses after a year of sluggish growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This will create more innovative opportunities and new technologies, as well as greater collaborations among various fields,” he said during a recent online media conference.


For those wishing to do some spring cleaning before Chinese New Year kicks in on Feb 12, Hoo advised them to do it on an auspicious date in accordance with their zodiac animal sign.   

“This will remove the old, unwanted and stagnant energy and welcome fresh new energy into your home or office. It will clear the negative ‘qi’ (vibes) and create more space for positive ‘qi’ for greater health, wealth and prosperity in the upcoming new year,” he said.

To ensure bountiful business in the coming year, Hoo said it is vital to pick a “good day” to reopen the office or restart a business after the Chinese New Year (CNY) break.

“This is to attract good luck and prosperity for your business and work so that you can remain successful the whole year.

“If you cannot restart (your business or work) on an auspicious date, then pick an average day. Try to avoid returning to work on a day that is in conflict with your zodiac sign,” he said, adding that the fourth day of CNY would be the best time for most people to return to work, except for those born in the Year of the Rat.

He said according to Chinese tradition, people would also choose the right date to deposit money into their bank accounts. This year’s right date or ‘Li Chun’ was Feb 3.

“Li Chun is a date in the Chinese calendar that signifies the beginning of spring and often falls just before or after CNY.

“We believe that depositing money into our account on this day will attract more money to us over the coming year, depending on the zodiac animal sign we belong to. One can also deposit money into their account via online banking as the symbolism is the same,” he added.


Hoo also said that based on the yearly Ba Zi (an ancient Chinese practice of analysing a person’s destiny) chart, 2021 will be a positive year with the auspicious months being February, May, July, September and October.

This year’s challenging months would be June, August and December and, as Hoo advised, “try to avoid making major decisions during these months”.

For those born under the zodiac animal sign of the Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Rooster or Dog, this year will be a good year for them as it will be filled with “good luck and opportunities, especially in terms of career, health and wealth”.

However, he warned those with the Bull, Horse, Rabbit, Snake, Goat or Boar zodiac sign to be more cautious and conservative in all their undertakings.

“They should avoid making any drastic change or major decision especially in July and October this year and in January 2022,” he added.

He said those born in the year of the Rat, Dragon, Horse and Monkey should be on the lookout for minor health issues throughout the year and are advised to visit a dentist for dental scaling or do a health check or blood test or donate blood.

Meanwhile, students born in the year of the Rat, Dragon, Horse and Monkey will do well in their academic pursuits because the “scholar star will be shining on them”.

Original Article: https://themalaysianreserve.com/2021/02/08/feng-shui-master-expects-turnaround-this-year/

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