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2023癸卯水兔年 生肖鼠『好风水』十二生肖流年运势 #eShoplive #e起迎新兔gather #MasterKennyHoo #许鸿方 #GoodFengShui #癸卯水兔年 #肖鼠 Watch at: 2023癸卯水兔年 生肖牛『好风水』十二生肖流年运势 #eShoplive #e起迎新兔gather #MasterKennyHoo #许鸿方 #GoodFengShui #癸卯水兔年 #肖牛 Watch at: 2023癸卯水兔年 生肖虎『好风水』十二生肖流年运势 #eShoplive #e起迎新兔gather #MasterKennyHoo #许鸿方 #GoodFengShui #癸卯水兔年 #肖虎 Watch at: 2023癸卯水兔年 生肖兔『好风水』十二生肖流年运势 #eShoplive #e起迎新兔gather #MasterKennyHoo #许鸿方 #GoodFengShui #癸卯水兔年 #肖兔 Watch at: 2023癸卯水兔年 生肖龙『好风水』十二生肖流年运势 #eShoplive #e起迎新兔gather #MasterKennyHoo #许鸿方 #GoodFengShui #癸卯水兔年 #肖龙 Watch at:
Watch at: Watch at: Watch at: Watch at: Watch at: Our new program Good Feng Shui by Anchor Butter is now live! Tune in all 4 episodes to find out what the year of the Rabbit brings to you or to your family and friends! We wish everyone a great and healthy year ahead! 兔年犯太岁该如何化险为夷呢? Anchor 的新春节目《2023 兔气扬眉好风水》现已上线!想逢凶化吉就赶快观看这四集节目 祝大家兔年行大运! #AnchorButter #DairyliciousMY #GoodFengShui #MasterKennyHoo #好风水 #许鸿方 Source:
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Watch at 世界银行指出,2023年,全世界将会迎来经济衰退,与此同时,大马也迎来新的政府。在这样的大环境下,做生意的伙伴们究竟该如何布局?如何洞察商机?如何更稳妥地进行商业安排来面对未来的不确定性? 隆重介绍!CITYPlus 2023商业论坛:启动和冲刺,让CITYPlus带你一起在起伏波动的时局冲刺商业。 这次的商业论坛,我们将会与8TV及8FM联手合作,于Setia International Centre进行! 很多人都说“危机就是转机”,但要如何把危机转换为机会也是一门重要的经商学问,参加CITYPlus 2023年商业论坛,提前掌握资本布局、未来经济走势,让你在2023经商顺利! World Bank warned of a rising risk of a global recession in 2023, and at the same time, Malaysia ushered into a new era of governance. With the rising risk locally and globally, what would be the economic and business outlook in 2023? How should small and medium businesses change their business tactics to continue to grow in a declining economy? We invite you to join our "CITYPlus Business Outlook Forum 2023" event to discuss the future business outlook and learn a few business tactics to manoeuvre the difficulties…
Have you ever been in a group of individuals when there was a significant presence of negative or negative energy? That isn't just a theory; it has been verified! We've all overheard folks complain. Nobody likes a grumbler. Whining has the potential to turn into a habit. The more you dwell on the negative, the more difficult it becomes to shift into a positive frame of mind. Everything is horrible in the end, every circumstance is a problem, and nothing is good. In this episode, we learn that successful people like Derric Chew and Master Kenny Hoo are generally willing…
Do you have a negative inner dialogue with yourself all of the time?Do you ever wonder why you have such a negative attitude toward yourself? When it descends into the realm of extreme negativity, this voice might be more detrimental than beneficial. This is referred to as negative self-talk, and it may be very depressing. In this episode, our guest offers some tips for when you're stuck or otherwise challenged. His success suggestions may be able to assist you in staying motivated. In today's world, knowing that roughly half of all small businesses run out of gas within the first…
We all face crisis at some point in our lives emotionally. It's easy to wander into the deep end of negative ideas when we're stuck in a crisis, especially COVID-19 pandemic. How do you handle a crisis situation? What are some good coping strategies for dealing with a crisis and getting through it? This episode offers some advice on what to remember when dealing with crisis. Don't miss out on the real story, remember to watch this episode. Apart from this, have you ever been harshly criticised by someone to the point where it had a significant impact on your…
From its environment to surrounding amenities, and from connectivity to everything else one seeks in a place of abode, Setia Eco Park excels effortlessly. Even from the Feng Shui point of view, Setia Eco Park offers no less, for believers or not. #propsocial #propsocialcommunity #malaysiaproperty #spsetia #setiaecopark #goodfengshui #townshipliving Source :

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