Testimonials (105)

Ang (Selangor)

十二月 22, 2017
I appreciate your Feng Shui skill very much. After dealing with you, I got a much better job until now. I can also really see and understand my own life, very good for my future planning. Thank you for helping me so much!

Cheng Yee Leng

十二月 22, 2017
Thanks to GOOD FENG SHUI for helping me to achieve my first Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Award! Amazingly, my second happiness and surprise came in when I really conceived in 2004, as per your very accurate and unique GOOD FENG SHUUI Lifepath analysis! I am totally convinced with your very scientific yet interesting Feng Shui skills! (Since then Yee Leng has been achieving MDRT every year...)

M Lan

十二月 22, 2017
All my family members see good results from your Feng Shui arrangement! My father from a non-believer turns to your die-hard "fan" now. He instructs us to consult Kenny Hoo before proceeding with whatever things in the future! GOOD FENG SHUI!

Hui Sian

十二月 22, 2017
I know that this must be from your GOOD FENG SHUI effects! I got a very excellent job now! I have full confident in GOOD FENG SHUI!

Liu M. Huah (USA)

十二月 22, 2017
Amazing! I really got pregnant, as predicted by your Feng Shui cum Life-path analysis! Exactly within the month and days as calculated by Kenny Hoo. Even my doctor also very surprised about my pregnancy! Now all my family members are totally convinced with your Feng Shui skills!

Braydon Lai

十二月 22, 2017
I must say that in the past which I only believe in my own self and never believe in such thing like Feng Shui. But now, my personal experience with the continuously Good Feng Shui effects, I must admit that all these are not coincidence or superstition. More importantly, Good Feng Shui really changed my life! I have even recommended more than 15 of my friends to have Good Feng Shui consultations! ALL of them now are enjoying so much better lifestyle now! I do receive numerous thankful messages from them!


十二月 22, 2017
GOOD FENG SHUI is really GREAT! It has totally changed my life! The continuously positive Feng Shui effect really convinces me that all these are not any coincidence! I believe that Feng Shui is part of science, nothing to do with a religion or superstition. Thank you so much for helping me to grow my business up to this kind of unexpected level of improvement! I highly recommend GOOD FENG SHUI services to others. I benefit so much from your Feng Shui skills! You must change it from Good Feng Shui to "GREAT" FENG SHUI!

Master Tan GL

十二月 22, 2017
With your help in Feng Shui, I am successfully granted the approval from the authority to promote self-defence skills to all schools in the country! Thanks to GOOD FENG SHUI!
A very touching testmonial - hand-typed by Jade Khoo. She hand-delivered this testimonial letter to Good Feng Shui office, after traveling a few hundred kilometers from the up-north of Peninsular Malaysia. Thanks! Jade, and our best wishes to you!
Master Kenny Hoo was proudly invited by OCBC Bank to provide GFS Lifepath Analysis service for the bank's kind-hearted colleagues, to raise fund for The National AUtism Society of Malaysia, in conjunction with OCBC Bank's "Ride for the Children - KL to Singapore" charity activity, held on 18 Feb 2009.

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