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2022 Good Feng Shui economic outlook by Master Kenny Hoo on Bulletin Utama of TV3 TV3 Buletin Utama interviews Master Kenny Hoo of GoodFeng Shui Group. #TV3 #GoodFengShui #BuletinTV3 #BuletinUtama #BU

The Edge: Time to be bold

February 11, 2022
Investors are likely to see their hard work and perseverance pay off as the global economy will be on the path to recovery in the Year of the Tiger, say feng shui practitioners. Most geomancers believe that the Year of the Tiger will mark a change for the better, and…
E-commerce is one of the areas expected to flourish this year. The technology sector will continue to bloom in the Year of the Tiger WITH strong technical, sales and marketing experience in information technology and telecommunications, Master Kenny Hoo — founder, chief researcher and consultant at Good Feng Shui —…
香港堪輿學家麥玲玲:虎年適合創業(圖:麥玲玲提供) 台灣命理師張旭初:尋求政黨和解及兩岸和諧(圖:張旭初提供) 新加坡風水師陳軍榮:關注虛擬概股(圖:陳軍榮臉書) 大馬風水堪輿學家許鴻方:「明」是這一年的關鍵字(圖:許鴻方提供) 二零二二壬寅虎年,各地堪輿學家預測本年運程,務求從疫情中看見生機。香港「財旺身弱」,經濟上無法聚財;台灣要趨吉避凶,總統蔡英文必先放下身段;獅城政界或易生爭端;大馬發展會越來越好。 二零二二年虎年歲次壬寅,華人習俗普遍會趁新春占卦問卜,祈求新一年能夠趨吉避凶,尤其經過新冠病毒肆虐兩年,全球華人更是期望虎年苦盡甘來,疫中求勝。 虎年坐上超級雲霄飛車 香港堪輿學家麥玲玲指出,壬寅虎年的立春八字呈現五行不均之象,全局土太弱及水木過旺,也沒有金、火出現,所以全年起伏甚大,有如坐上「超級雲霄飛車」,可謂一波未平一波又起。 經濟方面,其實壬寅虎年偏財星透出,加上立春八字水旺,代表熱錢進出頻繁,全年投機炒賣熾熱。但這種格局也屬於「財旺身弱」,雖說財氣十足,卻因土太弱,即使四周皆有水湧至,無法聚水,等於難以留住財富。因此虎年看似炒賣活躍、機會不斷,但實質卻是「外強中乾」,環球經濟並非真正有所改善,恐怕失業情況仍會加劇。加上大市忽上忽落,一般人要從中把握機會而獲利亦不容易。不論營商者或者上班一族,虎年也要做好兩手準備,積穀防饑為佳。 News Article: 流年變幻期盼逆轉勝.pdf Source:流年變幻期盼逆轉勝
-NSTP file pic, for illustration purpose only. KUALA LUMPUR: The phrase 'two is better than one' has been popularised many moons ago, which signifies partnerships, in any kind, brings happiness and calm to the soul. In the year 2022, the second day of Chinese New Year coincides with the angel…
The 12 animal zodiac signs. — Graphic by Azlan Shah Mohd Khalid KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — The Year of the Ox is finally coming to an end and it’s time to turn to the ancient Chinese geomancy of feng shui to discover what the new year holds for everyone.…
Based on feng shui analysis, Malaysia is expected to prosper in 2022. ― Picture by Hari Anggara KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 ― Last year was an uncertain year for Malaysia across political, financial and public health landscapes. However, despite the uncertainties, many remain hopeful that the Year of Tiger may…

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