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The technology sector will continue to bloom in the Year of the Tiger


WITH strong technical, sales and marketing experience in information technology and telecommunications, Master Kenny Hoo — founder, chief researcher and consultant at Good Feng Shui — has combined traditional feng shui with modern science in his unique geomantic research and studies.


The computer science graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has observed a similarity in the way computers process information and how feng shui is calculated and interpreted.


With these ideas aligned, he pursued his interest, which led to the creation of Good Feng Shui in 2000.

Now, with more than 20 years of experience, Hoo has devised a very unique technique by converging various schools of thought and in-depth Yi-Jing theories to promote good social and ethical philosophy.


According to Hoo, the more he learns about technology and computers, the more he is convinced of the connection between technology and feng shui.

This has led him to write his own feng shui software to analyse and apply the principles of Chinese geomancy in everyday living.


The keyword for 2022, according to Hoo, is Ming.

It means bright, predicting that it will be "the brighter year".

He said this year is the year of the water tiger, which will arrive on Feb 4 at 4.51am local time.

Last year, Hoo dubbed 2021 as the "Year of Turnaround", where companies and individuals would try hard to improve their products and services.

This year, he said, there will be many choices and selections to be made, especially for leaders, career, study and all sorts of planning.

He said in terms of decision-making, wise choices are expected as people have sharper vision now, thanks to the learning experience they were put through in two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We will see a lot more positivity and progress in various fields.

"People will be less stressed, with more good returns and harvests in various industries," said Hoo.


‘Ming’ — 2022 is the bright year.
‘Ming’ — 2022 is the bright year.


Last year, he predicted a productive year with a better supply of goods, and most industries getting back on track as the market slowly adapted to the new norm.

This year, there will be lots of "once-in-a-generation" or life-changing opportunities coming by.

From uncertainty, this year will show more stability with clearer vision and direction, especially in cross-domain, interdisciplinary areas.

He added that there will be an emergence of new opportunities and progress, especially in new technologies as we could expect " for better lifestyle and living designs".

Despite the fact things may look the same as before, "... all are entering into new phases. Life is not the same, but definitely better than ever for more people", explained Hoo.


The technology industry, just like the tiger, is expected to grow bigger and stronger.

Based on his research, Hoo concluded that "fire"-related industries will do well this year.

Technology, said Hoo, was one example of a "fire"-element industry.

"The semiconductor, e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain, user experience design, cybersecurity, energy, and Internet-related businesses will continue to flourish," he said.


Equipped with his expertise, Hoo shares tips on how to increase productivity with basic feng shui placements at home.


Master Kenny Hoo, founder, chief researcher and consultant at Good Feng Shui.
Master Kenny Hoo, founder, chief researcher and consultant at Good Feng Shui.


He said electrical and electronic devices were fire elements, thus they must not be placed next to or face any water elements, such as the toilet, sink, washing machine, and items with hot water outlets, such as kettles and water dispensers.

"It is always a better option to place these gadgets against a solid wall,"

he added.

"Printers, computer CPU and routers should not be put in a high moisture area or be directly exposed to sunlight, like in the kitchen, right next to the washroom, or even under the window.

"As long as they are placed safely, usually it will not create any big issues," added Hoo.


Many are getting used to working in hybrid conditions, and the new working environment calls for the setting up of an "office" at home.

This year, said Hoo, "...the Scholastic Star arrives in the southeast sector".

He also said in order to maintain or enhance the wisdom of students, adults and staff in the office, "...we must ensure that the southeast sector in the house or office is always clean, neat and tidy".

"To boost the good Qi or energy, I would suggest to position the study or discussion area in the southeast area of the house or office.

"Put four pieces of green bamboos in a nice vase with water, or hang four pieces of Chinese calligraphy brushes as it can further improve the learning and working efficiencies, as well as attract a lot more noble people, supporters or helping-hands to guide in academic or learning paths," he said.

To conclude, Hoo said that "...there will be lots of ups and downs in 2022, and people will be emotional" as more challenges arise next month, in June, August and December.

The auspicious months are April, October and November.

In terms of investment markets, there will be more volatility in February, May, June, August, October and December.

This may also offer more trading opportunities.



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