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Wong YF

December 22, 2017
Your prediction is correct. I start buying my first plot of land this year!
Thanks to GOOD FENG SHUI! We have received some good & new businesses in the past two weeks!

Lay CL

December 22, 2017
Kenny, because of you I am able to drive a BMW now! My heartfelt and deepest thanks to you that you have brightened up my life!

Sunite Pete

December 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, my companies are progressing very well now. As mentioned before, we will soon set up ANOTHER branch office in another 5-star hotel in KL. Just like my other offices, we will definitely request for your service AGAIN! Every time when I see my companies grow and expand, I will immediately relate it to your Great Feng Shui effects. My greatest appreciation to your great help and support!
Generally sceptics when it comes to geomancy, we contracted Kenny Hoo initially to provide Feng Shui services at our home with an "it cannot hurt", attitude. We chose Kenny Hoo primarily after listening to several testimonials from other clients of Good Feng Shui. We were pleased in particular with Kenny's detailed approach to Feng Shui which included a very accurate life path analysis and were even more pleasantly surprised to find that he did not advocate any major and expensive renovations but rather worked within the parameters of our home. Several months later we invited Mr Hoo again to provide…

Ngian Yew Pin

December 22, 2017
I have very little knowledge about Feng Shui till I met Kenny Hoo from Good Feng Shui. In fact, through Good Feng Shui, I started to realise how scientific it is to accurately diagnose the status of each individual's life path and the environment within to then maximise the optimum effect in the best of the different individual's life. I personally has benefited a lot through the consultations of Good Feng Shui. I achieved the best month in my career last year shortly after engaging the service. Slowly all the things mentioned by Good Feng Shui being materialised one after…

James Leong

December 22, 2017
I have read many Feng Shui books, attended numerous Feng Shui seminars, and consulted few Feng Shui masters, I cannot say with any more confidence to state that the solutions provided by Master Kenny Hoo has brought about changes; the changes - which include a sense of good feeling never felt before, people coming across as being more friendly and respectful, and opportunities arriving unsolicited - are beginning to trickle in, and I hope that it will not just stop there. There exists numerous Feng Shui formulas, but Good Feng Shui's Water Formula by far makes the most sense because…

Kevin Chen

December 22, 2017
I am pleased to say that Kenny Hoo of GOOD FENG SHUI is very meticulous in his work and he can identify the "sweet spot" in your home or office to bring in the good Feng Shui effects to your business, career or family life. I have no hesitation to recommend Kenny's services to people who would like to see changes in their life-path to greater or whatever they want in life. Kenny's advice has enabled me to trigger the good effects and I am sure those who have used his services would also testify to it.
Ever since we had moved the furniture in the house and placed them in the appropriate places and facing directions, I have since experienced that the harmony within the family has improved from before. My daughter has been doing so well in her exams. My younger daughter’s health has been good since we shifted her bed position. Feng Shui is something I had never believed in and had been ever-so skeptical. But GOOD FENG SHUI does make a difference only if you allow it to.

Benedict Yee

December 22, 2017
Kenny Hoo is a master in the positioning of the water fountain whether in your home or at the office. He does a very meticulous calculation, using a combination of modern and proven technology, based on your birthday / time and the direction of your home / office and once the energy is correctly directed, you will immediately enjoy good harmony and good fortune leading to more business opportunities and wealth. The good news with his recommendations is that you do NOT need to relocate or reposition or slant your entrance; saving you time, headache and money. I believe that…

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