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Benedict Yee

December 22, 2017
Kenny Hoo is a master in the positioning of the water fountain whether in your home or at the office. He does a very meticulous calculation, using a combination of modern and proven technology, based on your birthday / time and the direction of your home / office and once the energy is correctly directed, you will immediately enjoy good harmony and good fortune leading to more business opportunities and wealth. The good news with his recommendations is that you do NOT need to relocate or reposition or slant your entrance; saving you time, headache and money. I believe that…

Avryl Au

December 22, 2017
Kenny Hoo has changed my mind about Feng Shui. Before knowing him, I was very skeptical about such a service. Since having several conversations with him, I started to realize that Feng Shui is actually very scientific, PROVIDED you engage a qualified, experienced and trusted Feng Shui Master. I highly recommend Kenny Hoo of GOOD FENG SHUI if you are not experiencing the best in life and in business. (BNI is an organization that specializes in helping business owners generate business by word-of-mouth marketing. For more information, visit: www.BNImalaysia.com)


December 22, 2017
My great appreciation to Kenny for helping me successfully to sell my current house! I have been trying to sell the house since last year but unsuccessful. Following Kenny's GOOD FENG SHUI method, I managed to sell it happily within 2 days! Amazing!

Chau W. E.

December 22, 2017
We experienced a lot of positive changes, great & unexpected opportunities soon after the recent Good Feng Shui consultation. My wife Karen who has newly ventured into the property field, managed to secured 3 great projects within a month! Also very thankful to your advice during the consultation about the precautions made for countering some possible legal problems. Yes, really unexpected, about a week later, at least 3 banks contacted me. They informed that my personal details were used by some syndicates for fraud credit card cases! The fraud took place in Bangkok and the amount was really HUGE! I…


December 22, 2017
After using Master Kenny Hoo's Good Feng Shui (GFS) service, my company achieves very positive results! Now I understand the meaning of GFS tagline that sounds: "Not Just Feng Shui, Good Feng Shui !" Feng Shui is very important to business. We have never realized about it until Mater Kenny Hoo directed and activated the Good Feng Shui effects for us. There have been a lot of positive effects coming automatically after the professional consultation. I can see that my business is now going towards a very good and effective direction. My business is now going very smoothly in all…

Julia Moo

December 22, 2017
I would like to take this opportunity to say this - No amount of words can express my heartfelt thanks to my very good friend, Kevin Chen of Natpac who has last December supported me in my interior design business. And it is through Kevin too, that I got to know Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui who has helped open my eyes again on new business opportunities for my business and not forgetting selling my own houselah!!! To these 2 great people, may you be blessed with good things all your life!

Brandon Koh

December 22, 2017
Thank you very much to your kind contribution on sharing your knowledge and experiences. Many feedback it was a great lesson learnt from you (in the Good Feng Shui seminar) today. Cheers!! ... Hello my Great Master, yesterday we closed ANOTHER 2 successful auction bid. We are blessed to have got your guidance!

Edvyn Goh

December 22, 2017
After having Kenny's Good Feng Shui consultation, I started two new businesses and within a week, I start to have more and more customers. This is just less in than 2 months of wait-and-see after Kenny's visit and things starts to move very fast! I used not to close any deals but I can see the effect now. Thanks Kenny for your good advice and pointers. I can see my future more brighter than ever!

Ding WC (Singapore)

December 22, 2017
I would like to update you more good news after the GOOD FENG SHUI consultation in the last quarter of 2004: 1. My sister, who has been single for the past many years (especially my mother who has been so worried about her), really found her second-half! She brought back her loved one during this Chinese New Year holidays! 2. We will have a chance to move to a better, bigger factory for more modernized & systematic manufaturing! 3. One of my brother's wife conceived! 4. Another brother strikes lotteries after your consulation! 5. Another brother's wife found a very…

Prof. L.Z. Guo (China)

December 22, 2017
I really appreciate your amazing life-path analysis and Good Feng Shui skills very much. These really change my life to be so much more positive and progressive! Followed your guidance, I have started a Traditional Chinese Medical center recently! All my family members appreciate your help very much! Hope to see you again in China soon!

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