Owning a burial plot with auspicious forces can bring good fortune to future generation

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In the world of feng shui, everyone’s life path is said to consist of two kinds of luck.

There is luck which you are born with, whereby your birth code – date, month, year and time – is said to reflect who you are and personality traits such as loving, kindness, talkativeness, stubbornness or impatient.

On the other hand, there is luck which comes your way, based on external factors and how they will affect your luck in life.

Analysing the direction of your path will enable you to manage your life in a more effective way as you make informed decisions, take notice of more opportunities and minimise risks.

“Managing your life path includes having a positive mind, surrounding yourself with like-minded friends and living in a conducive environment,” said Good Feng Shui Holdings Sdn Bhd chief researcher and consultant Kenny Hoo, adding there were different ways to manage one’s life path.

“To further enhance their path of wealth, health and prosperity, people engage in the practice of feng shui.

“Feng shui helps them to understand the auspicious forces, better known as qi, around them and lead a smoother course of achieving harmony, completeness and success.
“The common practice of feng shui at their residence, property or workplace includes placing a pond at a certain area of the garden, a water feature placed inside the house, or furniture arranged at a certain angle for better qi flow,” described Hoo.

This is called the yang-house feng shui, and only contributes 30% of the power to boost one’s overall luck, covering both basic and physiological needs.

As one progresses, eventually one would want to achieve self-actualisation or nobility, and this would overflow to family members so that they can be financially well-off, learned and respected in society.

Since it may be difficult to enhance nobility qi through yang-house feng shui alone, you would need yin-house feng shui to contribute the remaining 70%.

Yin-house feng shui is the ancestral graveyard feng shui, and according to Hoo, an effective implementation can last for generations.

The auspicious qi that gathers in the grave is said to resonate with the ancestral remains, and give positive benefits to the descendants.

Hoo believes the correct implementation of the yin-house feng shui will result in the enhancement of the DNA of future descendants, creating smarter and healthier offspring with better life paths.

As such, certain factors must be taken into consideration when buying a burial plot.


In order to have a burial plot with good feng shui, one must find a good memorial park to house their ancestors.

“The selection of the land is highly important. We cannot simply choose any memorial park for convenience sake.

“One must consider the features of the place of habitat, and not base it on its picturesque view. Firstly, there should be a series of mountains behind the plot.

“On the left side of the plot, there needs to be ‘layers’ of mountains or hills close to the piece of land. This is called the left Green Dragon hill, and is said to benefit the men in the family and to attract noble people and supporters.

“For the right side, there should also be layers of lower mountains or hills, but this should be a bit further from the plot to enhance the luck of women accumulate wealth. This is called the right White Tiger hill,” he added.

Typically, the plot also needs to face multiple layers of mountains, and their edges smooth and curvy, rather than sharp.

Otherwise, the sharpness is believed to affect the health of the descendants, and challenge their career and relationships.

The mountains surrounding the land are said to be able to lock in the auspicious qi when it comes from the left, right, front and back.

Water features such as rivers are also a must as the graceful flow around the plot will add positive values.

A pond, even if it is man-made, is still acceptable as long as it is not stagnant, said Hoo, adding that Nirvana Memorial Park and its latest phase – Nirvana Memorial Garden – boasts such feng shui features.

“Nirvana Memorial Garden has good feng shui because it is surrounded by multiple layers of mountains that branch out from the Titiwangsa mountains, making the land akin to a ‘basin’ which effectively accumulates and protects the qi.

“It also has the Semenyih Reservoir and a river flowing from left to right, generating a lot of good qi.

“Nirvana has carefully designed the memorial park and garden to have such a configuration so they can facilitate families of those ancestors who have passed on to have a good life path,” Hoo shared.

He said the “secret” was the location of the water exit outlet of the tomb which is built in front of the tombstone to provide additional positive influence on the tomb.

Other details include having a gentle wind, otherwise the qi cannot be accumulated, and the plot cannot be placed in a noisy surrounding, for example, facing a busy road or a high-tension cable.


The direction of the land too, needs to be taken into consideration.

“The feng shui master will use a compass to check whether the positive qi in the area is still valid or has expired.

“Feng shui is cyclical and each cycle lasts 20 years. This means your feng shui luck lasts for 20 years before a new cycle begins.

“Currently, we are in Period 8, which began in 2004 and will last until 2023. The ninth cycle is from year 2024 to 2043. The land at Nirvana Memorial Garden is still auspicious,” explained Hoo.

Another point to note is whether the direction will react positively or negatively with external factors such as the landform features.

Soil quality

Hoo also highlighted the significance of the soil quality as it is an important aspect in the yin-house feng shui.

It cannot be too sandy, muddy, watery or smelly; it also needs to be in multiple colours instead of being too black or too white.

“The casket will be flooded if it’s too watery or muddy, which may cause problems to the offspring.

“If there are too many stones or rocks under the casket, that means the offspring will face a lot of challenges. And if there are stones on top of the grave, it may cause the descendants to have pressure in life and career.

“At Nirvana, the rocks have been taken out to avoid such a scenario,” said Hoo.

Live tomb (Sheng Ji)

All things considered, if families want to override bad grave feng shui, the remains of their ancestors can be reburied in a new tomb with good feng shui and the old tomb demolished.

However, Hoo said some people faced a dilemma when moving the remains as their relatives might not be agreeable if they are already enjoying the luck.

“To them, tampering the grave might mean losing their luck or bring about negative effects to their good lives.

“In this case, some people buy a burial plot or prosperity land. There, a live tomb or sheng ji is built to capture the good qi from the prosperity land for themselves and for their offspring, offsetting possible negative influences from ancestral graves.

“In a live tomb, an individual will bury auspicious items such as his or her hair, nails and used clothing.

This concept, used since the Qing Dynasty, is becoming more popular as people want to capture both yang- and yin-house feng shui.

Hoo noted that good feng shui for the descendants is attainable if the remains are buried and not cremated with the ashes kept in urns or scattered at sea.

In feng shui, cremation is not encouraged as the qi would be destroyed, dispersed and lost, which may not be able to help the offspring. However, the ancestors’ cremated remains can still be buried, and if its given good and appropriate feng shui implemention, it can still help the offspring in some way.

One should seek a skilled feng shui master, reminded Hoo, when consulting on yin-house feng shui.

“Not all feng shui masters are able to perform this yin-house feng shui practice because of its complexity.

“They need to be highly skilled as it involves important procedures and rituals during the consultation.

“A good feng shui master needs to select just the right plot of land, design the tomb and adjust the headstone to tilt a certain degree in order for it to receive the qi and transfer this to the bones or remains.

“This will resonate further with the descendants of similar DNA for them to have a flourishing life path,” he concluded.


Link: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/focus/2016/11/25/feng-shui-secrets-to-greater-nobility-owning-a-burial-plot-with-auspicious-forces-can-bring-good-for/

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