Good Feng Shui Converge Water Technique

氣 Qi - the pulse of Dragon

The modern science of physics categorizes the basic Forces in to FIVE groups, i.e. the STRONG Force, WEAK Force, GRATIVATIONAL Force, ELECTROMAGNETIC Force & HIGGS (or the FIFTH) Force. All other forces can be derived from the combination of such forces.

The ancient Chinese ancestors discovered that everything in the universe are made out of the basic FIVE type of Qi elements. Qi, if we explain using more modern way, Qi is a combination of Forces. And the basic FIVE type of Qi is Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire. Each of the Qi reacts differently to each and other. For instance, Metal produces Water means Metal strengthen the power of Water and at the same time, Water exhausts the strength of Metal while producing it. When Qi is in a balanced state, everything should be calm, peaceful and smooth. For example, when the Qi in the body is balanced, the body is healthy.

According to the concept of Feng Shui, the shape of landscape can also be categorized into the said five elements, each element has its own Qi (i.e. Force) and providing various effects to the mankind. However, Qi cannot be seen or detected through bare eyes as it does not have any physical form or shape.

Ancient Feng Shui classic has written, "When Qi meets the wind, it is scattered; when it meets water, it is retained" Feng Shui is a technique for the MANAGEMENT of Qi. An experienced Feng Shui Master collects good or auspicious Qi to prevent it from being scattered so that mankind can benefit from its positive effects.

水 Water - the appearance of Qi

The collection of Qi can be achieved via the flow and accumulation of water. Thus, when water flows in certain directions, it affects how Qi is being gathered or moving; when wind blows, it is dispersed. Hence, wind is very harmful. Some authors refer to this as "poison arrows" or "killing energies". However, there are good and bad waters as well. We are unable to see the appearance of Qi; therefore an intelligent Feng Shui Master uses the flow of water to trace the appearance of Qi and how Qi flows or being accumulated. In Feng Shui concept, water is the appearance or pulse of Qi. In the ancient Feng Shui classics, Water is very often referred as 'Dragon Pulse'.


... the highest skill
Converge Water TechniqueTM

The highest Feng Shui skill is achieved via the management of Water. GFS Converge Water TechniqueTM is actually the highest skill of Feng Shui. Unfortunately the Water skill is one the top-most well kept secret in the Feng Shui arena. There is really just a very handful Feng Shui Masters in the whole world whom could condfidently claim that they specialize in the Water skills.

Besides that, there are quite a lot of FALSE Water fomulas being used or published by some of the so called "accredited" Feng Shui "experts" in the market. May be they themselves are unaware of the existance of such false formulas since a few hundred years ago in China! Some of the old or ancient Feng Shui masters even passed down some false water formulas to their unfavored students!

There are too many true and false "Water Formulas" in the market. The international awards winning GFS Converge Water TechniqueTM by Master Kenny Hoo combines various Feng Shui schools of thought with the highest skills and theories of Yi-Jing ("The Book of Changes") principles. Kenny Hoo uses modern scientific tools to simulate, analyze, choose, filter and eventually derived a set of very unique GOOD FEND SHUI Converge Water TechniqueTM that may revolutionize the Feng Shui arena. Good Feng Shui Water Technique uses water to capture and create auspicous Qi.

Since the past many years, GFS Converge Water TechniqueTM has been helping thousands of individuals and corporates worldwide to soar their lifes and businesses to greater heights.

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