Malaysian feng shui masters predict 2023 a ‘changeover year’ with new opportunities despite some uncertainties 精选

Malaysian feng shui masters predict 2023 a ‘changeover year’ with new opportunities despite some uncertainties

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 ― Just like the past few years, last year was an uncertain year for Malaysia across political and financial landscapes.


The year, however, saw an end to the prolonged political uncertainty following the 15th general election that was held in November last year.

With a new government at the helm and a new lunar year ahead, many hope that the year of the Rabbit would bring some prosperity to Malaysia.


Keeping to the tradition, Malay Mail reached out to feng shui masters Kenny Hoo and Yap Boh Chu to tell us what’s in store for Malaysians in the year of the Rabbit based on the annual Bazi chart.


According to Hoo, the keyword for 2023 is “Changeover Year”.

“This year we will see many changeovers in various fields with better opportunities and approaches in politics, economy, technology, culture and education.”

Hoo said all industries will see growth, especially the technology sector.

“There will be new technologies and inventions to replace the current systems that have already reached the peak of development.

“There will also be more, newer platforms for more innovative products and services.”

According to him, the general public will be more intelligent and critical when making choices.

“Therefore, only those who put efforts to provide innovative products and services will stand out in the market.”

Hoo said he expects 2023 to be volatile but will stimulate countless new business opportunities.

“The market performance is expected to be strong in the second half of the year, especially from early June onwards.

“Expect June, September, October this year and January 2024 to be good months.”

Hoo said various fields will usher in the new year with new approaches to doing business which will ultimately spark endless opportunities and improvements for everyone.

Yap predicted that 2023 may not be a smooth year and requires people to endure the challenges ahead prior to succeeding.

“Some conflicts and even political manoeuvring may continue to happen behind the scene.

“We may also see political instability which may not bode well for the economy.”

Yap, however, said there will still be opportunities for those who pay close attention to their undertakings.

According to him, sectors that focus on electronics and technology can expect a prosperous year.

“Medical-related industries, medical care and health products will do well this year.”

Yap also labelled May, August, October and December as bad or unlucky months.

“The general luck will be low during these months.

“Avoid making major decisions during these months and take good care of your health.”



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