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WHEN we talk about feng shui, most of us will associate it with a Chinese traditional practice where the natural elements in our world are made to align with our living space.

However, for Master Kenny Hoo from the Good Feng Shui Group, the art of feng shui, or Chinese geomancy, is a very scientific one.

The 57-year-old feng shui practitioner, who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, explained that feng shui is closely related to the binary system, that is, 101010.

He explained that in Chinese culture, the concept of yin and yang is very important. It is about how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent. Where yin is negative, yang is positive so, in that sense, it is a binary system.

Feng shui master Kenny Hoo. -Picture by SYAIFUL RAZIQ


Hoo dubbed the lunar year 2023 as "The Changeover Year", predicting that many existing products, services and technologies will face various competitions and be replaced or overtaken by a slew of newer inventions and technologies.

According to him, the Water Rabbit year will arrive at 10.43am on Feb 4, 2023.

Hoo has developed his unique geomantic research and studies by fusing traditional feng shui with cutting-edge science.

Having a degree in computer science, he has extensive technical, sales, and marketing experience in information technology and telecommunications.

Once he mentioned that in the course of my computer studies, he realised that the way computers use data to process information is similar to feng shui, especially its close relationship with yin and yang as well as the binary theory that utilises just 1 and 0.

So, the more he learnt about technology and computers, the more he was convinced about the similarities and connection between technology and feng shui.




When asked about the technology outlook about the Rabbit Year, he said technology, which generally belongs to the Fire element, will be going through a transition where technology players must get used to changes in the market, especially when buying habits are shifting.

"Operators and business owners will have to do a lot of learning, adaptation, adoption, and enhancements. This year will also see a significant increase in R&D and investment costs for fire-related fields, among others.

"We will see lots of old knowledge to be replaced by new discoveries, know-hows and technologies, especially in the current post-pandemic era.

"In the telecommunication field, the implementation and the usage of 5G, will likely be further enhanced or replaced by 5.5G then 6G or beyond, within a much shorter lifespan as compared to previous connectivity band," explained Hoo.





Hoo said technology that is linked or used for those prevalent products and services relating to the Metal and Water elements will be doing much better this year.

"Water-related industries include logistics, travel, and transportation; metal industries include automobiles, sound, banking, investment, and Internet security; and these are just a few examples of industries that will thrive in the future," he said.

However, according to him, this situation provides more new opportunities for everyone.

"We will see many changes, new regulations, restrictions, new ballgames and systems during this transition stage, especially since the world is now in the final year of the current eighth Feng Shui era."

The new ninth Feng Shui era will officially begin in 2024.


Source: https://www.nst.com.my/lifestyle/bots/2023/01/873306/tech-rabbit-year-tech-outlook-nsttv

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