8TV 活力加油站新土猪年特辑 Living Delight Chinese New Year Special

【2019-2-07】8TV 活力加油站新土猪年特辑 Living Delight Chinese New Year Special

Master Kenny Hoo 好风水许鸿方 with renown TV hosts Jan Chin 秦雯彬, Tan Ley Teng 陈丽婷 & 2 famous local chefs, to share about 2019 Good Feng Shui Outlook, Predfictions and tips 2019 许鸿方好风水展望与预测.















 非凡風水,好風水® !


Not Just Feng Shui, GOOD FENG SHUI® !

2019 整合年 The Year of Integration !

GOOD FENG SHUI®: 2018 The Best Chinese Brands @ China Mainland & Taiwan ROC 華人第一品牌大獎(中國大陸&台灣)

KENNY HOO & GOOD FENG SHUI®: 2018 Chinese Public Welfare Entrepreneur Golden Award 華人公益企業人物金傳獎

KENNY HOO: Ambassador of LangZhong (China) Feng Shui Ancient City 中国阆中风水古城国际宣传大使

KENNY HOO: Ambassador of Chinese Culture

KENNY HOO: Ambassador of Dulux, "let's colour"

KENNY HOO: Ambassador of MBG

KENNY HOO: Ambassador of Washington Apples, "The Best Apples on Earth"

GOOD FENG SHUI: Winner of International TOP-10 Quality Enterprise Award

KENNY HOO: Winner of International TOP-10 Quality Professional, Talent, Elite Award

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