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We all face crisis at some point in our lives emotionally. It's easy to wander into the deep end of negative ideas when we're stuck in a crisis, especially COVID-19 pandemic. How do you handle a crisis situation? What are some good coping strategies for dealing with a crisis and getting through it? This episode offers some advice on what to remember when dealing with crisis. Don't miss out on the real story, remember to watch this episode. Apart from this, have you ever been harshly criticised by someone to the point where it had a significant impact on your…
From its environment to surrounding amenities, and from connectivity to everything else one seeks in a place of abode, Setia Eco Park excels effortlessly. Even from the Feng Shui point of view, Setia Eco Park offers no less, for believers or not. #propsocial #propsocialcommunity #malaysiaproperty #spsetia #setiaecopark #goodfengshui #townshipliving Source :
In life, have you ever felt like you cannot take another step forward? In your mind, do you see no way out of the mess that you are in and ended-up driving you to be more negative? The mind is a powerful tool and it can work wonders if you consciously decide to use it that way. The state of your mind can be positive or negative. If your thinking is fixed on negativity, chances are you will often have a bad day. If on the other hand, you think positively, you'll have a better chance of living a fantastic…
Setia Group's KL ECO CITY: Join our private event alongside Master Kenny Hoo @ KL Eco City on 26 Feb (Sat),10am-3pm@Setia International Centre. Learn how to capture great business opportunities with Master Kenny Hoo! RSVP at T&C apply. #goodfengshui #Setia #KLEcoCity
See you there! #MahSingGroup #M_Luna #Kepong #2020GoodFengShuiOutlook #MasterKennyHoo #GoodFengShui 【】
See you there! #MahSingGroup #M_Luna #Kepong #2022GoodFengShuiOutlook #MasterKennyHoo #GoodFengShui 【】
#话龙点经 今晚有堪舆学家Kenny許鴻方,教你打造2022家居好风水。 主持 : 黄晓涵 Harn 陈国俊 #资讯脉动全天放送 #爱FM Source:
Source: TAHUN BAHARU CINA 2022 | Tahun Harimau Air Dijangka Bawa Sinaran Bagi Sektor Perniagaan Tahun Baharu Cina dengan zodiak harimau berunsur air, menjadi waktu terbaik bagi usahawan untuk melakukan penjenamaan dan pembungkusan semula produk. Menurut Good Feng Shui, warna biru dipercayai membawa tuah dan menjadi tenaga yang akan memberi nilai tambah kepada perniagaan. Kupasannya bersama Amanda Lopez.
2022 Good Feng Shui Outlook by Master Kenny Hoo, on BNC, Bernama news Channel.#GoodFengShuiOutlook2022#MasterKennyHoo #好風水 #好风水#BNC #2022TheBRIGHTERyear #2022水虎年 #2022明亮年[] Twitter Link: Facebook Link: Instagram Link:

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