I have read many Feng Shui books, attended numerous Feng Shui seminars, and consulted few Feng Shui masters, I cannot say with any more confidence to state that the solutions provided by Master Kenny Hoo has brought about changes; the changes - which include a sense of good feeling never felt before, people coming across as being more friendly and respectful, and opportunities arriving unsolicited - are beginning to trickle in, and I hope that it will not just stop there. There exists numerous Feng Shui formulas, but Good Feng Shui's Water Formula by far makes the most sense because its solution is independent of time, and not utterly dependent on the location of main door and other typical Feng Shui priorities; above all, IT WORKS! The precise placement of a water fountain is sufficient to bring about intended positive changes. To those who are hesitant to consult any Feng Shui master, consider Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui, as his solutions will not require you moving your house, shifting your main door, nor hacking down walls. GOOD FENG SHUI - the way to go!

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2024 好风水®预测