3rd Party Love Affairs Troubles Solved by Good Feng Shui

十一月 13, 2017 8393

(Relevant names and photos were intentionally omitted due to privacy issues)

I am writing this to express me and my sister’s greatest gratitude to Master Kenny Hoo from Good Feng Shui for taking his precious time and being sincere and patient to help me in resolving my woes involving my sister marital problem.

I was heavily pregnant at 36 weeks when I called Master Kenny to tell him about how I and my sister caught my sister’s husband on bed having an affair or to be specifically making out on bed with another woman in their own house! The event happened in May 2013. My sister was married to the man for 3 years and they do not have any children. I was extremely angered and disappointed towards my sister’s husband unfaithfulness to my beloved sister. I think had the greatest outburst of anger in my whole life and I scolded and slapped both the husband and the mistress. My sister’s husband was not even remorseful for the damage he did to my sister and his marriage and he blurted out loudly that he love the mistress and he want to divorce my sister in front of me and my sister. The mistress told my sister that she was aware the he is a married man and have a wife while she was with him. My sister broke down and unable to pick herself out after the course of the event. My family including myself was extremely worried about her as she was unstable, she can be fine in a day and the next day she broke down and crying or stoning for the whole day; we were worried sick that she will opt for a way to escape this tragedy to her marriage with suicidal. I was seeking some of my relatives and close friend to accompany my sister and give her some encouragement to pick herself up as I was running out of energy to help her because I was still working and my delivery due date was getting closer.

A few days after the event, I called Master Kenny and told him the tragic event that happened to my sister’s marriage. Master Kenny is my husband’s fengshui consultant for me and my husband house. My husband know Master Kenny through recommendation from his close circles of friends where he offered effective fengshui consultation that improved his friends live and business; and he is also known to be very accurate in reading a person bazi (8 characters of destiny).

Master Kenny was very attentive and patient by listening to my story and he did a quick read up for my sister’s bazi. I told my sister about Master Kenny and I like would her to know more about herself and also her husband through bazi consultation from Master Kenny. After my sister agreed, I made an appointment with Master Kenny for bazi consultation in the weekend. My sister was lost that time and unsure if she should divorce with her husband.

Master Kenny told my sister that she has clashes in her bazi and she is not suitable to marry early. Her clashes will end in May 2013, and she should have no problem after that. However, her husband’s bazi poses bigger problem as he has clashes in marriage until about his late 30s. My sister is age 29 and her husband is age 31 now. Kenny advises that her husband will also go through strong peach blossoms luck at age 40s onwards for 10 years and moderate peach blossoms luck at age 50s onwards for another 10 years. Even though there are no clashes in marriage after 10 years from now(which is a long time) but my sister need to go through another phase of 20 years where there might be a lot attraction to her husband on age 40s and onwards. I felt disheartened and I think this would be really challenging for sister life. Upon reading his husband bazi, master Kenny can tell that this man is a man that truly want face person (true as he scolded my sister for making him shameful after the event, he is not even sorry), a masked personality where he can be a total different person from his outlook (true as he looks calm most of the time but I have seems him out of control towards small problem), seeking exotic pleasure in sexual life (true as I indeed question my sister if he is being weird in bed, my sister just nodded her head), would enjoy seeking extra marital fantasies (true as he was caught red handed by me and my sister). There are a few more comments but I would like to end here as the list will goes very long. Kenny did not advise my sister to opt for divorce and it was my sister ultimate choice whether she wanted to seek for divorce as her husband bazi was not favorable to her.

Upon moment of hesitation, Master Kenny asked for my parents’ home address where my sister is staying now. He said that he can help to activate the peach blossom sector in the place where my sister staying now if she wish to find a new love by following his simple instruction. Master Kenny ask us to draw our parent home floor plan to know where is my sister room. We were very impressed as he just uses Google Earth to locate our house which is a condominium and he managed to find out which is the direction our home is facing. He teaches my sister to put colorful flowers in the middle of the room, next to her bed with a clear vase to attract peach blossoms and she can put coins insides the vase to attract rich man.

My sister did not activate the peach blossom sector in the beginning as she was still unsure what to do about her marriage. For more than a month, my sister and her husband went to few sessions of marriage counseling together. However, in the end they both decided to end their marriage with divorce.

Later on, my sister decided to activate the peach blossom sector after I keep on persuading her to do so. She went to buy fresh and colorful chrysanthemum flowers (about RM10) from the morning market and a clear vase from those RM5 shop. Miracles happened on the next day after my sister activated the peach blossom sector! My sister in law recommend a nice guy they known to my sister and he was attracted to her and also a few other guys took interests in my sister at the same time. I was so amaze how simple and effective instruction given by Master Kenny to activate the peach blossom sector moreover he has never even been to our parent’s house! Not to mention it just cost my sister about RM15 to activate the peach blossom sector. I am really thankful to Master Kenny. My sister is now able to let go of her past and start a new life. She managed to open up her heart and ready to accept new love into her life. Me and my family is relieved that she is fine once again.

Master Kenny, we cannot thank you enough for your service. Thank you very much !


Misty (my real name is changed to protect the privacy of my sister and my family)

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