The Fella is FENG SHUI too

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The Fella is FENG SHUI too !

Computer and Feng Shui? What a funny new and old combination?

When Ettrix Solutions Sdn Bhd ( comes to mind, many would have big light bulbs of “IT’ flashing in their minds and that is exactly the field that they deal in.

The company is headed by Mr. Daniel Ho, a young and dynamic entrepreneur who graduated from UK. Having had a vast experience in the computer support and services industry, his expertise in back-up and networking solutions is highly honed and not easily matched. After all, salvaging data from damaged hard drives is one of Daniel’s areas of expertise and it is obviously no child’s play!

Daniel and his team have been working hard enough to win bigger market shares. “Work hard” and “work smart” are not the only solutions. Sometimes they feel that there could be something else that is able to boost the business to greater heights.

Just like most business cycles, Daniel experiences the initial exciting up-trend market share and slowly reaches a saturation stage. He felt it was time to make leaps and bounds and break out from his present stagnant business situation.

“Besides working harder, is there any other business booster?” From his observation on some of his clients, he discovered that “Feng Shui” could be an alternative method for business development and enhancement. He then started to observe how and why Feng Shui works positively in lots of business cases.

"Can Feng Shui work well on our IT business too?" Daniel was referred to Good Feng Shui through business network meetings. Since I am also holding an honour degree in Computer Science, this could be why Daniel felt I was "in tune" with his business and concerns related to it which could make things easier during the consultation.

I was invited to visit Daniel’s office at Subang in an evening. The office is located on the 3rd floor. It is in a corner lot, and the office space is an uneven, rhombus shape. Most Feng Shui masters only recommend a rectangle space for home or office. Simply because the distribution of Qi within a rectangular space is much more even and balanced.

When entering the main door, I saw the sofa set and a small table were placed too close to the main entrance. They were blocking the walking path. I felt uncomfortable when walking into the office due to the limited space. We need to “squeeze” and walked zigzag-ly when moving forward.

“Daniel, please re-arrange the sofa and table so that the path at the main entrance area is clear. They are blocking the Qi from coming in smoothly. Thus, it affects the business performance.” I advised him and his business partner immediately.

Further to that, I advised them to rearrange the wall partition between the guest waiting area and the technical testing area so that a “Wealth Corner” could be created. A small water feature was suggested to be placed there and let it run 24-hourly.

The staffs’ seats that were situated along the walkway were rearranged so that they would have more privacy and better focus on their jobs. “Otherwise they will not stay long enough in your company”, I told Daniel. Further to that, all seats which were below the beams, were also rearranged. The seats of major staffs including Daniel’s were adjusted basing on their Lifepath cycles & favorable elements.

Daniel said, “Personally, I always thought that the feng shui process would be where a man in a robe carries a mirror, tells us to move our furniture around, take our money and go off. But I was very surprised at the great attention to detail that Good Feng Shui master paid to our company, specifically to our office environment. I remembered clearly that he came by at around 6pm and did multiple measurements of the office and punched in numerous computations. The output was a blueprint of our ‘office feng shui sectors’.”

Feng Shui consultation actually should be done using more logical and scientific tools such as computer. Not just basing on the master’s feelings or emotion changes. In such a way, the results derived would be more consistent.

It is important for an experienced Feng Shui master to analyze the clients’ Lifepath cycles base on their birth details. Obtaining the birthdates of all the directors and employees also provided him with insights into their favorable elements, and where the clients should all be sitting and where the water feature and other can be positioned.

A Feng Shui master must be very assuring and patient enough because there will numerous questions and doubts from the clients especially during the on-site Feng Shui audit. Just like the IT business, the after-sale support service is very important too.

Ever since Daniel followed Good Feng Shui advice on where to strategically place things (without having to move a single brick), where to sit, and where to place the unique water feature, business has been unbelievably!

One good example would be that now they receive lots of new business just comes knocking. And their monthly maintenance package clientele has increased considerably! Even the overall business has increased quite obviously!!

Daniel said further, “Pre-Good Feng Shui era - I used to be in the office 4 days a week. Post-Good Feng Shui era - it’s a miracle if I can spend 2 uninterrupted minutes at the office! I’m out there in the field day-in day-out, closing sales and attending to my customer needs!” Truly unbelievable.

“Now if only Kenny could tweak my office feng shui so that I can get some time to do my overflowing billings!”, he jokes happily.

“I am happy to say the computer fellas like us can also benefit much from good Feng Shui effects! Feng Shui can be as scientific and technical like the computer. It is indeed a good blending.” he laughs cheerfully.

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