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Good news! Good news Kenny.. After your 2nd visit on 20th July and we follow your advise to make BB at the other room which u said there is more BB luck, I'm really pregnant!! Thanks a million! After so long we've been trying, Good Feng Shui really help! To tell you the truth, my gynae had confirmed that I am not ovulating every month even though I got menses during the visit on 30th July. And I am suppose to try on Clomid (pill to make me ovulate)if this cycle failed again.However, we end up with good news before…
I would like to thank you, Kenny, for your fantastic feng shui on my house and its effects on my life. Kenny, with your feng shui, I met a lovely man, have had fantastic gains from my investments, migrated to Australia and kids doing fantastically well and life is just so smooth ever since!!! Your feng shui worked for me. It has been 3 - 4 years since you worked on my life's feng shui and life has been a series of pleasant surprises. And thank you for always being there, whenever I encountered some difficulties. Most of all, Kenny,…
Hi Kenny, Here is the long deserved testimonial for your good feng shui advice from me and my husband. We are indeed very pleased to say that your GOOD FENG SHUI is really GOOD and it works positively especially on my husband career progress and advancement. Even before I got to know you, I am a believer of feng shui teaching and practicing. But many of those so proclaimed masters often require some form of major changes such as renovation, hacking of walls, moving the main doors and so forth to be carried out in order for the feng shui…

Li Keen & Ang

12月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, How r u? We r expecting 3rd baby next year.:-) TQ for Good Feng Shui! I'm starting a new company, can help to choose a good dates for this year?
Hi Kenny, First of all, apology for the delay in providing a testimonial on goodfengshui. I am holding back into providing the testimonial because I want to see the real results of goodfengshui. I have no more doubts in your goodfengshui now! Ever since the goodfengshui rearranged my apartment's furniture, my family's relationship improved and minimized family misunderstanding. Then my health improved and luck seems to be on our sides these days. My husband who never strikes a luck in gambling experienced the most joy and excitement when he won a small sum of money! It is not about the…

Raymond Chou

12月 22, 2017
1. Immediately after consultation, in 6 months, we experienced a boost of 30% in sales 2. in our industry, the low season is normally from November to February and business will only start picking up in April. This year we noticed that in a month by month comparison, we experienced a triple our production in March compared to last year 3. We had noticed that customers remember us easier now 4. Customer loyalty has increased two fold. 5. We are now planning to increase our staff force by another 3-5 people based on the business demand My view about Feng…
We engaged Master Kenny Hoo recently to enhance our home Feng Shui. Good Feng Shui has shown a lot of continuous positive effects since the past few months. It is really amazing and unexplainable.
Dear Kenny, I want to thanks you with your good fengshui help I am able to get a job and be more confident in my life now. Your Lifepath Analysis are very impressive and convincing, it provide me a better understand for my life, when is the best and bad time to do certain things and not to do certain things. Again, appreciated your help very much!! Best regards, Cynthia Ng
Thank you very much to Master Kenny Hoo for helping me to resolve the business & house problems resulted from other unwanted sources. Truly appreciate this! I highly recommend his professional services to all businessmen! http://www.cyf.com.my
"Actually I have meet you before in Kota Kinabalu. I have even asked about my luck for last year and you have explained to me everything about my wealth luck and etc. Not only me, but my husband, too. You even said that he would buy a house last year and I didnt believe that due to financial wise. But it happened, he did really buy a house. Amazing.....!"

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