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Yap P

12月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny, So glad to hear that you are doing so well. You really deserve it, as you are very down to earth, hard working, unassuming and has no social barriers to anyone. Am sure you must be kept very busy with your business. We were very grateful to your advice last year, and what you predicted came true as by May 2009, things started improving. We hope you would also have a roaring year in 2010 too. Oh yes, we followed your advice and whatever we can change to reflect our new logo, we do so. All the best…

VV Lek

12月 22, 2017
Hi kenny, Wow! U are really accurate! I have good news. You are sooo right!!!! Guess what? ...true la that day u mention 6 Aug it will be strong, a day or two before that was slowly starting liao... and now i got a.. as of yesterday...... i think it is time for me to focus on my business.... Any dropping a note to thank you and share with you my good news! Thanks yah..

Susan Lai

12月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny, We would like to thank you for advice & guidance given to us, someway end of last year 2009. We are happier, healthier and more prosperous now. We feel very comfortable to deal with you as you are just wonderful and down to earth type of person. Your memory is fantastic! We wish you and your family all the best and in good health. Thank you once again. Kind regards, Choong, susan lai & family

Shirley & KC

12月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny, The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… The road ahead of us may not be straight, may not be smooth and may not flat. Roads ahead can be curvy, rough, and highly gradient or never ending…I guess that’s what we call journey... My husband and I are just lucky to have met you. You had helped us understand ourselves so much better and we are able to plan our future in optimizing the window of opportunities in every decision we make. The bird’s eye view of our life together that you have guided us…

YH Yap

12月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny, Would like to thank you on your advice given for the past years from new office setup till recent house relocation. I can feel things are getting smoother and better from time to time. We feel more comfortable and have stronger confident in dealing with challenges. Thank you once more, and wish you have a wonderful new year. YH Yap

Mae Tan SM

12月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny! It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday. My husband and I are very impressed and inspired by your methodological, scientific, logical and simplistic manner. We will surely abide by your advice and keep you updated on the positive outcomes! Thank you :-)
最近比較忙..比較忙...比較忙...而且同時在進行很多元的​工作,很多新挑戰.很忙,也很快樂...要備課教書,要準備進行​從美國進口二手雙B,偶爾要幫我大姐處理一些公司的doc. , 另外開始學習和經營組織行銷...現在跟前幾個月前我還在閑晃想​到嘉義沒有工作機會很沮喪的時候,感覺完全不一樣! 另外,我要跟大家介紹一個很"神"的人---Kenny Hoo ...太神了! 這次又被他完全預告的一樣, Kenny在幾個月前,我還在馬來西亞抱怨無所事事的時候,就笑​說我從11月開始就會忙起來,還真的是這樣. 大家如果真的有時候需要高人指點一下的時候, 真的推薦全馬最Good Feng Shui的Kenny Hoo! 相信我,真的! 你會在之後大呼"太神了"! www.GoodFengShui.com Wei Zhen 炜珍

Peter G

12月 22, 2017
Hi Master Kenny, Its been half a year since we last consulted you on August 2011. We are glad n thankful for your service. In September, we can see the changes in our son who became more self-initiative and energetic positive attitude towards his studies. For the very first time he studied and prepared for his end-of-year exam in order to do well. I was worried that my daughter would retained as she didn't do well in her year 1 junior college but as you had predicted, both of my children were promoted to the next level. No words can…

Yee Wen

12月 22, 2017
一直以来,我对风水,命理及姓名学都抱着冷眼旁观的态度。是缘分,让我遇见了Kenny Hoo,一个我生命中很重要的贵人,在我处处碰壁时有了生命的转捩点,也让我明白了知命而不迷信的道理。命运,其实是掌握在自己手中,会随着环境和心态的变化而有所转变。知命,其实是让自己更能掌握自己的命运,而非一味的认命,妥协……所谓的流年不利,并不是要战战兢兢等待厄运到来,知命而懂得把握时机的人,更能创造生命的精彩!现在的我,每天都散发正能量,用积极乐观的态度面对生活的挑战,Kenny,谢谢你,为我改了个好风水的好名字,你不只是我的贵人,更是我的偶像!! - 翊雯

Shirley CH

12月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny Thanks a million for your Good Feng Shui excellent service and precious time that you had rendered from planning/drawing of my new office till the end of renovation and opening of my good feng shui office. I sincerely appreciate it. My clients and friends like my good feng shui office very much because not only they can see it as good feng shui but they can feel it too ! Many thanks to you again for reminding me that Good Feng Shui helps to achieve a balance Yin and Yang, be healthier and happier besides wealthier. I am…

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