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Joanne Y.

12月 22, 2017
There is a very obvious improvement in my business. I am sure that Good Feng Shui helps!
GOOD FENG SHUI and Kenny really changed my life! My highest appreciation to you for UPGRADING me from a simple employee to BOSS level today. Within ONE year, my new start-up business revenue increased from a few thousand to MILLION! Moreover, I started with one shop and now I own TWO SHOPS! Your are GREAT!
It has never been so nice, wonderful & great to know and engaging Kenny Hoo! My life was full of obstacles but ever since the discovery of GOOD FENG SHUI through Kenny, the obstacles have reduced SIGNIFICANTLY! My life sails even smoother with the recommendation of WATER FOUNTAIN in my garden which Kenny suggested. LIFE is GREAT with GOOD FENG SHUI through KENNY HOO!
Happy New Year my dearest friend Kenny! Thank you for the difference you had made in my life. Look forward to more happy days ahead!
Kenny, May 2006 be a good year to you, your family and business too! Good Feng Shui has really helped my family and I move forward to a new year with happy hearts!

TH Tang (Penang)

12月 22, 2017
Hi Master Kenny, We've met at Equatorial Hotel for the seminar conducted by HSBC Bank and I am delighted about your presentation! I intend to move into a new house which will be completed by early next year. I want to know more on good feng shui before I start renovating to my SW facing house to get some balance of Qi in the house.
Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!
Kenny thanks for your sincerely help & support. Good Feng Shui!

Teo S E (Penang)

12月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, your Good Feng Shui talk is very interesting and informative. Thank you for clearing many of my doubts about Feng Shui and sharing with us your good knowledge. Thanks again!


12月 22, 2017
Good Feng Shui! My son scored 7As in UPSR exam! Cheers!

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